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Dynamic management

Tom Gilb has provided a description of Evolutionary Project Management. Tom has more great material on his personal site at www.gilb.com.

The Beyond Budgeting Round Table is a fantastic source of information and ideas. Robin Fraser, Jeremy Hope, Peter Bunce, and others have conducted extensive case studies of companies successfully managing without budgets and the focus now is on helping companies implement the Beyond Budgeting model that resulted from their research.

Sam Savage explains the Flaw of Averages and other errors. Very entertaining as well as important and helpful. He also has a company providing software for modelling uncertainty properly called AnalyCorp.

Crystal Ball is an example of an Excel add-in tool that makes it comparatively easy to show and quantify uncertainty in spreadsheet models and so avoid the Flaw of Averages and similar mistakes. Their site has many examples of models for different purposes to show how it's done.

The advantages of "Uncertainty Management" over "Risk Management" are quite well explained by Stephen Ward and Chris Chapman in "Project Uncertainty Management as a Desirable Future".

Dr Dan Remenyi explains Active Benefits Realisation in a book called "Achieving Maximum Value from Information Systems: a Process Approach" and gives some idea of the thinking behind it in a paper available on the web called "The Elusive Nature of Delivering Benefits from IT Investment".

The Dynamic Systems Development Method is promoted by the DSDM consortium in many countries. This website is the official source but you do have to be a member to get anything useful from it.

"Dynamic Strategic Planning for Technology Policy" by Richard de Neufville explains Dynamic Strategic Planning.

Conjoint Analysis is explained quite well in various papers by Sawtooth Software, who offer computer programs that use a variety of methods to work out a person's multi-attribute utility function.

Control of business processes

Jim Kaplan's site, AuditNet is an awesome resource for auditors. He has gathered ideas and materials from many people and created something of a community. The site contains or links to numerous audit programmes and other resources.

Other link sources

FinanceWise is a portal with a section on risk. It has a huge number of links on it.

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