Dynamic GraphicA new approach to management control: Dynamic Management

Version History

Version 1.0

The first version introduced what seemed like all the major concepts and techniques of Dynamic Management. Here is a link to a full copy of version 1.0.

Version 1.1

The next version was improved by a number of clarifying summary paragraphs and extra examples. Also, the section on management reports says more on why "control" systems based on comparing actual results with original targets and budgets are largely a waste of time, and offers clearer alternatives. Here is a link to a full copy of version 1.1.

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 was improved by a clearer title and an introductory section before the index. I also corrected a typo in which I accidentally called Tom Gilb "Tim". Sorry Tom. Here is a link to a full copy of version 1.2.

Version 1.3

The current version includes a new sub-section on Beyond Budgeting, which is a very important development for which credit should go to some pioneering Swedes for doing it, and to Robin Fraser and Jeremy Hope for bringing it to the attention of the rest of the world and taking the thinking forward through extensive case studies and writing.

Words © 2002 Matthew Leitch